15 Tips To Change Your Life For The Best In 2019

Entrepreneurs usually wait at the beginning of the year to set new business targets, but in fact, the new goals are not tied to a specific timeframe. At what time is it appropriate to set goals in line with new aspirations and for further development?

Here are fifteen exercises that help you stimulate new ideas and change your life for the best in 2019, provided you stick to it for 30 days:

1. Avoid negative phrases

Stay away from negative phrases, such as: I can not, will, should not, and replaced with positive terms; such as:
“I do not want to go there for dinner” (negative) replaced by: “Better go for dinner elsewhere” (positive). The purpose of this is to retrain your mind to look for pros in everything, instead of making the negative is his default situation.

2. Use the “Do not expect” rule

What are your expectations for yourself and others? What new perspectives if there are no expectations? What beliefs limit your expectations? How will your relationship with others change if you do not expect it?
Expectations usually form, based on personal experience, formation, culture, religion, etc. When expectations are attached, your mind will have entirely new possibilities.

3. Exercise for two minutes a day

Select something from the time you wake up. At the end of the day, practice it for two minutes every day; this will train you not to procrastinate and prevent the rest time from being delayed for the purpose of completing the work.

Change Your Life

Change Your Life

4. Set aside an hour for reading or sports

What would you do if you had only one hour per day? Will you read a book? Or exercise such as 1 Week Diet? Or play with your children? How will this watch affect your life for the better? Basically, everyone has the same amount of time per day, but not everyone has the same priorities. If you find people doing more things in a certain time, they know their priorities and how they stick to them. Set a goal for the time you will set for yourself, and you will be surprised by the result.

5. Get rid of sugar

There is no doubt that it is difficult because sugar is found in almost everything, and it is desirable, but studies suggest that it spoils the teeth, blocks the mind, leads to obesity, increases the chances of depression, and is a starting point for diabetes.

6. Keep reading

Although we are always in conflict with time, technology has provided us with a part of this conflict. Take advantage of Parallel Profits to build a success business and enjoy reading ebook; download newspapers, magazines, and books on your smartphone; read them whenever you can.

7. Enjoy well

Let your mind walk through dialogue with others, and leave him no opportunity to distract from dialogue, but let him think what to say.

8. Keep a record of the swap

Be sure to follow what you “give” for what you “get”, and try to outbid the bid.

9. Without your decisions

Making decisions is a great way to build emotional intelligence; it highlights three things:

• Good decision, or bad decision.
• Packages.
• Emotions used as a result of your decisions.

10. Control the sense of taste

Sesame, vegetables and vegetable cheeses do not seem to be grainy, but they have high health benefits (mental and physical). Try to get used to it gradually;

11. Keep a surprise note

When you write down the surprises that happen to you in a special note, you will discover blind spots and wrong judgments; this is very useful. You can manage these surprises and ask yourself, “How would I expect this?”

12. Strengthen Your Willpower

The strength of will is like the muscles of the body, it is tired quickly, if not exercised, keep your obligations to others, even if you do not love them.

13. Provide the amount of your happiness

Studies have shown that sharing positive moments at least three times a day will change your long-term fainting side in the long term; this is available through Happier, with learning from others how to make your life happy.

14. Be a good speaker

When you talk to people and feel stuttering, stop for a few seconds, then slow your words, and wait until your mind touches your tongue (or vice versa); these seconds increase your confidence in yourself as a speaker.

15. Exercise for 30 days

This does not mean that you practice non-stop, as if you were in a camp, but using a month-long exercise, and follow the exercise schedules for five days, two or three days, and the day off.

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15 Tips To Change Your Life For The Best In 2019
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