7 Best Essential Oils For Better Sleep And Relaxation (How To Use It)

Here’s the 7 Best Essential Oils For Better Sleep And Relaxation and how to use essential oils for sleep, so what are the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation?

Best 7 Essential Oils For Better Sleep And Relaxation

1 – Lavender oil

Yes, this great essential oil will surprise you. Lavender perfume is known to help relax and soothe the effects of fatigue on the body. The biggest reason this essential oil is so safe is that it is safe to use at all ages, from infants to adults.

In addition to supporting healthy sleep and relaxation, this essential oil is also a great way to beautify the scent of laundry and to perfume the home without using harsh or artificial chemicals.

7 Best Essential Oils For Better Sleep

7 Best Essential Oils For Better Sleep

2 – Frankincense oil

This is the family’s favorite essential oil. It’s ideal for balancing emotions, supporting healthy sleep, calming your mind and supporting the body’s natural response to healing.

It is the favorite essential oil when children are anxious to calm them before bed. It calms stress and anxiety, improves mood and helps to relax. It can be used as an incense for the home and its fragrance removes unpleasant smells in the home in general, such as smoke or cooking smells, which is a perfume known from ancient times and it is worth trying.

3- Cedarwood Oil

This essential oil is cost effective and beautifully working. The fragrance of cedar oil supports the healthy function of the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, a hormone that stimulates natural drowsiness.

This oil has a unique scent and is used in many air fresheners and perfumes. It has been used to treat many skin problems, foot fatigue and ulcers and is a strong antifungal against fungi and bacteria. It can be mixed with lavender and applied to the bottom of the feet, then wear light socks and get relaxation and sleep in bed.

4 – Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers.” Historically, ylang ylang was used to cover the husbands’ beds on their wedding night. This is because the aroma of this essential oil is strong and helps to balance male and female energies, and supports focus and a sense of reassurance.

The scent of ylang ylang oil is pleasant and pleasant, it is used half an hour before bed and lasts all night.

5- Marjoram oil

Marjoram oil is extracted from distilled vapor from the leaves, and it was known as the “herb of happiness” in the Romans and “the joy of the mountains” in the Greeks. This essential oil is very soothing and soothes nerves.

1-2 drops of this oil can be applied directly to the back of the neck under the hair. It can be mixed with a little smooth coconut oil and applied evenly.

6 – Vetiver oil

Vetiver oil is extracted from the distillation of the aromatic roots of the plant, it has a very rich aroma that brings you close to the sensations of nature. It is another great oil that can be used in trying to sleep because it relieves stress, fatigue and psychological anxiety and works to calm and feel a sense of stability. It only takes moments from using it to get used to its sweet smell, and is also used to relieve muscle pain and fatigue, if you are using vetiver oil for the first time you can try mixing it with floral oil or citrus fruits, such as lavender or bergamot.

7 – Roman chamomile

For centuries, mothers have used this oil to calm children. This oil is ideal for insomnia and anxiety. It is great for all ages.

It has a mild and pleasant aroma to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, and chamomile oil is one of the oils that has an antidepressant property and has calming and soothing properties that relax.

How To Use Essential Oils For Sleep

Essential oils can be used to help to sleep through the night, and there are two ways to do this:

1 – topical method

For children, 1-3 drops of essential oil can be taken and mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil. This dilution enables you to use essential oils for children from one year and above.

For the rest of the family, 1-3 drops of essential oil can be taken and mixed with 1-3 drops of olive or coconut oil, then the mixture is applied to the back of the neck, under the feet or inside the wrists for several minutes to allow the skin to absorb essential oils slightly. Hands rub the oil residue and bring the nose closer to inhale the aromatic scent. This relaxes instantly and helps to sleep.

2 – Perfuming method

The preferred method is to use aromatherapy dispensers or evaporators at home as they attract attractive aromatic scents from the essential oils that you choose throughout the day. There are essential perfume dispensers on the market with different essential oils and they are produced by international companies with a good reputation in this field.

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