Learn The Principles Of Ecommerce From Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest companies that has achieved overwhelming success in the field of Ecommerce and is now a role model for us to learn the principles of electronic commerce and follow them to achieve success and we will review some of the foundations that we can learn from.

Ecommerce Amazon Company

Founded in 1994, Amazon is an online e-bookstore that has expanded its services, production lines and revenue streams very quickly.

Brad Stone, the author of the store, helped Jeff Bezos, who CNN described it as a reliable, reliable, accurate and balanced report in the event of severe obstacles. If someone did this in retail, These books are located through the Amazon site.

The Customer Comes First

Amazon’s founder and CEO is Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at $160 billion.

Jeff Bezos acknowledges that he regularly reads messages sent to his public e-mail and takes any complaint from any serious client and goes to his company’s staff for guidance.

“Every story told by the client is very important, because every story about us and the operations we offer must be taken care of,” said Amazon

If we must treat them as reliable sources of such information.

Dave Cotter, who spent four years in Amazon and served as general manager in various departments, told Stone that Amazon is a big company, so we can make very quick decisions without substantive discussions because the data do not lie.

The Amazon company is also interested in having a separate general e-mail to the CEO of this company through which customers can access and contact.



Innovation Is Essential

Amazon’s original activity was to sell books online. This was an innovation when this company was founded. In 1994, something different and evolution had to be looked at and this led to the great success of this company.

If Amazon continues to do so, it will deal with a $100 weakness and within a few years it will be expected to launch an ambitious application plan.

One of their aims is to use a drone by 2019.

One of the things that we should use and learn in this company is to think well in the future and begin to solve the problems we face in the next five to ten years.

One of the lessons learned is that you should anticipate the problems that you will face in the next two or three years and work out a plan to get out of these problems.

Long-term investment

Since 2002 Amazon has grown by at least 20% and in 2010 and 2011 this figure reached 40% of the growth rate.

In general, most of the income produced by Amazon is back to investment, which involves building more stores and increasing its market share to different geographical areas.

What we can use and learn is that not every president has an executive company with the same level of freedom but it is more important to look at financial products that help increase free cash flow and Parallel Profits such as billing and other financing.

A lot of staff requested

Amazon has a large number of employees and every employee has high standards of efficiency and provides quality in services and products.

For every leader or manager, if he wants to work hard, your goals must be clear to them.

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Learn The Principles Of Ecommerce From Amazon
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